To be brilliant

Eclat is a unique, human-centred workspace that speaks to the brilliance of our members through a culture that mediates a balance between creativity, commerce and connection.


Eclat celebrates connection, creativity, and collaboration, to be brilliant. We are a place-maker and a curator of culture, hospitality, and professional business communities, championing elevated environments, iconic venues, timeless design and definitively stylish workspaces.


At Eclat we’re passionate about our innovative and bold approach to placemaking, daring to be different, to be bold and to make memorable. Our brand family and the structure of our offering exist as an antithesis to established norms. Our outcomes are the product of years of research and refinement to deliver to our customers a truthful, human centric and relatable company that champions its ideas and our commitment to quality, to break new ground and to elevate experiences and environments to establish iconic new markets and product segments. This energy, passion and commitment is the foundation of the Eclat lifestyle and our brand. Eclat, to be brilliant.


The workplace of the future requires forward-thinking design that functions in new and exciting ways. Forme enables the unprecedented alignment of furniture design, joinery design and fabrication directly with the interior, architectural, placemaking and property development strategy of Eclat – symbiotically gaining a showroom to represent its furniture to the general public whilst significantly elevating our workspaces and venues to an unprecedented level of quality.

This embodies our core values – a harmonious fusion of innovation, function, and aesthetics. Our meticulously curated spaces serve as a catalyst for creativity, fostering collaboration and inspiring progress. Forme was established by Eclat to provide furniture that perfectly complements our own unique design language. With an ethos that prioritizes user-centricity and technological advancement, our bespoke materials and exquisite amenities are tailored to the refined tastes of our esteemed members, evoking a sense of prestige and exclusivity.


The lengths that hotels, restaurants and wellness establishments go to provide authentic and true hospitality is what truly differentiates them as a different class of business. Yet there exists a far reaching gap between authentic hospitality offerings and those claimed within the commercial office, coworking and flexible workspace industry.

At Eclat, hospitality is not a mere keyword for SEO, a competitive afterthought or a bolted on feature provided by a 3rd party. Here, it’s a fundamental component of our company and the light that guides our future endeavours. Our interior design, bespoke furniture, technology, service focussed mobile app, our operations, events and our very ethos; all represent authentic hospitality that transcends mere service, transforming each guest interaction into a memorable story.

It’s also the warmth that greets you by name and the meticulous attention that anticipates your desires. Creating an emotional connection that guests carry with them long after they leave. It’s about making every visit not just satisfactory, but genuinely enchanting.


Technology is deeply woven into the fabric of Eclat, not only enhancing the individual experiences of members but also fostering a connected, dynamic community. We strive to stay at the forefront of digital innovation, ensuring that our offerings evolve with the needs of our members.


Our mission is to build professional communities of people with vibrancy, character and energy, be it defined by a relentless pursuit for success or championing a cause or an endeavor with undeniable passion. The Eclat brand epitomizes this pursuit, this energy; and aspires for this culture of brilliance to become synonymous with its brand and representative of the target market we are seeking to attract.


Offering extraordinary service, hosting memorable events, curating memorable moments and experiences; we align the culture of our business with that of our members. Fostering mutually beneficial outcomes and partnerships, celebrating each other’s victories and accomplishments whilst promoting a healthy work-life balance. We engage in these activities within iconic venues of high design, state of the art technology and unrivalled specification.


Fundamentally, Eclat is a place-maker and an institution of high design. We champion elevated environments, iconic venues, timeless design and evolved workspaces. We believe in the value of form, the importance of function, the power of infrastructure and the impact of the built environment. True creative inspiration, daring with great ambition to establish remarkable and memorable places.

To be brilliant.