Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Eclat® views corporate social responsibility (CSR) as critical to our successful long‐term relationships with employees, clients and the communities within which we work. 

We believe CSR covers all aspects of corporate governance; it is about ensuring we conduct our business in an ethical way, taking into account our impact economically, socially, environmentally and in terms of individual human rights. We understand that our business actions affect local communities, and we take care to ensure our impact is positive wherever possible. 

As an organization, our responsibilities extend to protecting often delicate environments and we aspire to achieve high standards of practice in our own and suppliers’ offices worldwide. Our CSR policy is endorsed from the very top of our organization and is included in our personal development reviews for every member of staff. Our approach is designed to develop improvement actions and awareness among all our staff, enabling them to support our values and behaviours. 

Our CSR goals: Integral to our CSR policy are our values:

– To assist our clients to achieve optimum benefit in asset management. 

– To guide our staff to realize their full potential through a structured development program. 

– To improve the living and learning standards within the community in which we work. 

– To provide clarity and value to shareholders in the company. 

– To promote environmental awareness. 

Our employees:   Eclat® believes it is imperative that our staff are nurtured and allowed to grow to meet not only the company’s goals but also their own personal goals. We recognize the importance of maintaining a healthy and supportive workforce, providing a range of policies and process designed to promote physical and mental wellbeing. In addition we believe that ensuring our staff reach their maximum potential is a key component of our business strategy.

Focusing on our staff in this way ensures they are committed to our core values to improve both individual and company performance in all sectors of work. 

Our work in the community:   We will always act in a socially responsible manner when undertaking any project, and we encourage our partners to engage the local community in their areas of operation. Eclat® aims to contribute to community projects where possible, both socially and environmentally. As a company, we recognize our responsibilities to contribute to local communities, offering time, resources and benefit to others. In practice, this means we strongly support and encourage individuals in all aspects of their working life.

Our commitment to sustainability:   As a business, we are acutely aware of the need to take account of social regeneration alongside physical regeneration if we are to achieve sustainability.  We recognize the key role to be played by good planning, mixed usage of property and community engagement in the development process. At an early stage, these key factors need to be built into the feasibility cost plan, monitored and developed to avoid their dismissal on cost grounds later. 

This understanding of the need for sustainability and how these issues relate to our core services is a fundamental part of our project approach. 

Our principal partners have been active in the construction and asset management fields for a long time, and by driving the goal of final sustainability throughout the development life of a project, we are now offering what we see as the complete package. Our approach includes the development of ‘strategic briefs’ to bring together often years of work in order to learn as much as possible about the end users and the current services provided to the community before considering design.  

The design must be as inclusive as possible, considering mobility, safety and accessibility issues from the very beginning of development to offer a seamless and integrated service. By incorporating flexibility and dual use into the design, the life of a building can be dramatically extended, reducing the need for costly and wasteful redevelopment of the site in the future. This allows the site to adapt to future requirements without causing upheaval in the local community.  

We believe that the built environment has an important influence on the possibilities available to its users, and it is therefore crucial that the design reflects the vision and the core needs of the project. By taking into account the architectural significance of the setting we can encourage pride in the local environment, building community cohesion.  

Eclat® ECL-001 Corporate Social Responsibility Policy Revision: 1 – Effective Date: 25th Feb 2021