Environmental Policy Statement

Eclat® and its principle partnering companies are notable entities within the construction, land development and asset management industries and our understanding of the need for sustainability and how these issues relate to our business is a fundamental part of our approach.   

Eclat® policies on environment and sustainability are to:   

  • Integrate environmental objectives into our business plans and hold a senior manager responsible for their implementation.  
  • Comply with all environmental legislation as a minimum standard.  
  • Prevent pollution, whether directly through our operations or indirectly through advice and assistance with construction projects and property management.  
  • Establish and review environmental targets which reflect our environmentally significant aspects and impacts, to achieve continual improvement in environmental performance relating to reducing car and air travel, electricity and gas consumption.   
  • Encourage environmental best practice in our advice to clients and support clients, consultants, contractors and sub‐contractors in considering sustainable buildings, materials, products and practices.  
  • Draw attention, where required, to the impact of construction methods on the environment and work  to minimize any adverse impacts.  
  • Encourage flexibility in the design in order to dramatically extend the life of a building and reduce the need for costly and wasteful future redevelopment of the site.  
  • Educate and train our staff, through our management system, on the methods necessary to successfully deliver the environmental objectives and on ways to promote responsibility towards environmental  management.  
  • Promote efficiency in the use of energy and resources in our business activities.  
  • Embrace “Reduce – Reuse – Recycle” principles in the conduct of our business.  
  • Consider the  environment when selecting and evaluating options for office locations.   

This policy is supported by an integrated management system and shall be reviewed at least annually  and revised as appropriate to take account of changes in circumstances, personnel or statutory  obligation.  

Eclat® ECL-002 Environmental Policy Statement Revision: 1 – Effective Date: 25th Feb 2021