Eclat is a thriving center of innovation and accomplishment, where passionate individuals unite to foster collaboration, establish connections, and pursue their ambitious aspirations. With access to exceptional amenities and a supportive community of like-minded individuals, our members are primed to achieve remarkable feats.

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At Eclat, we take pride in our interior design, which embodies our brand’s core values –
a harmonious fusion of innovation, community, and aesthetics. Our meticulously curated space serves as a catalyst for creativity, fostering collaboration and inspiring progress. Forme Design was established to provide furniture that perfectly complements these spaces. With a design ethos that prioritises user-centricity and technological advancement, our bespoke materials and exquisite amenities are tailored to the refined tastes of our esteemed members, evoking a sense of prestige and exclusivity.

Our interior design not only offers visual appeal but also creates an immersive experience that blurs the boundaries between work and leisure, providing indulgence and productivity in perfect harmony. At Eclat, we strive to cultivate a lifestyle that resonates with our discerning clientele, offering a unique and fulfilling experience.



Step into the Parlor, a pinnacle of sophistication that provides an unparalleled fine dining experience in Melbourne’s bustling Camberwell Junction.

Its lavish décor, adorned with edge-to-edge mirrors and sumptuous leather seating, sets the stage for a warm and inviting ambiance. From the private lounge bars and club area to the meeting rooms, every corner of the Parlor resonates with sophistication and style. We offer a meticulously curated bar menu to satisfy the most sophisticated tastes, where each drink perfectly complements our Michelin-star-quality meals.

Whether our members desire a hearty breakfast to kick-start their day, a sumptuous lunch for impressing potential investors, or an extravagant three-course meal for event attendees, we ensure every visit to our fine dining restaurant is an experience to remember.



Hospitality infuses every part of the Eclat offering. We strive to provide our members and their guests with a welcoming, gracious, and attentive experience each and every time they walk through our doors.


Technology is deeply woven into the fabric of Eclat, not only enhancing the individual experiences of members but also fostering a connected, dynamic community. We strive to stay at the forefront of digital innovation, ensuring that our offerings evolve with the needs of our members.


At Eclat, we offer a wide range of top-notch amenities to enhance every aspect of our members’ lives. From convenient on-site dining options and private meeting rooms to luxurious wellness facilities, Eclat takes a holistic approach to blend work, life, and wellness.


Our state-of-the-art gym, located in the center of our facility, is a haven for fitness and wellness. Equipped with the latest Techno-Gym gear and complemented by a fully integrated Sonos audio-visual system, this space sets the scene for energising workouts, calming cooldowns, or a refreshing midday fitness break.


At Eclat, parking is never a concern. Our secure basement carpark offers 46 spots, ensuring convenience for our valued members. For cyclists, we provide hassle-free on-site bike storage, making commuting a breeze.


Technology is interwoven into the fabric of the Eclat experience. From our bespoke app that streamlines office management to our state-of-the-art digital access control system, we harness technology to facilitate a seamless, efficient, and secure environment that empowers our members to thrive.


Eclat infused every aspect of their offering with opulent materials and sumptuous ingredients, producing a premium, enviable amenity that is craved by those with the highest standards of style. A community of brilliant, discerning professionals who are destined for success.