Armadillo & Co Agra rug at Bureau workspace Melbourne

Armadillo & Co – Enduring beauty of Australian design

The Armadillo philosophy is “Quiet Living” – by embracing the principles of slow design. Founded in 1986, advocating  a cultural shift towards a gentler pace of life that is kinder to individuals, communities and the environment.

Armadillo & Co stands out as a beacon of sustainability and artisanal craftsmanship. Since its inception, this Australian brand has redefined the concept of rugs, transforming them from mere floor coverings into pivotal design elements that anchor the ambiance of any space. The founders, Jodie Fried and Sally Pottharst, embarked on their journey with a clear vision— to intertwine ethical production practices with high-end design. The result? Rugs that are not only visually stunning but also environmentally conscious and socially responsible.

Armadillo & Co’s journey began over a decade ago, fueled by the founders’ shared passion for traditional techniques and sustainable materials. The duo ventured into remote rural communities, where they tapped into age-old weaving practices, each rug telling a story of cultural heritage and meticulous craftsmanship. What sets these rugs apart is their ability to blend seamlessly into both contemporary and traditional interiors, thanks to their understated elegance and refined textures.

The aesthetic of Armadillo & Co is distinctly naturalistic, often employing earthy tones and raw materials that speak to the soul of the landscape. Each piece is a testament to the brand’s commitment to sustainability, crafted from natural fibers like wool, jute, and linen. These materials are not only renewable but also biodegradable, aligning with the company’s ethos of “tread lightly” on the planet. This philosophy extends beyond the products themselves, influencing every aspect of the production process, from sourcing to packaging.

Armadillo & Co’s impact transcends the environmental; it is deeply embedded in the social fabric of the communities involved in the rugs’ creation. By providing fair wages and supporting educational programs in their weavers’ communities, the company fosters an environment of growth and empowerment. This commitment to ethical practices has garnered the admiration and loyalty of design aficionados worldwide, further solidifying the brand’s reputation in the luxury interior design market.

Armadillo & Co rug showroom

our brand’s design philosophy and application invites visitors to immerse themselves in a refuge from the outside world." — Jodie Fried.

With Jodie working from Los Angeles and London, and Sally from the Adelaide Hills in Australia, they envisage and design every collection together. Their work not only embodies the curation of art and culture, but also helps to sustain the legacy and livelihood of traditional artisans and support Armadillo’s philanthropic endeavours, giving girls from marginalised backgrounds the best start in life through education. Jodie and Sally’s commitment to sustainability is infused throughout their business, driving forward Armadillo’s journey of ever lightening its footprint on the planet.

“We are drawn to natural fibers because they are sustainable, practical and inherently beautiful,” says Sally Pottharst, co-founder of Armadillo & Co. “By their very nature, they possess subtle, unique variations and have a rich, tactile, sensory feel that you won’t find with man-made materials. They’re just a pleasure to live with”​

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In recent years, Armadillo & Co has expanded its influence, participating in international design expos and collaborating with high-profile designers. Each collection introduces innovative designs that reflect both the artistic vision of the collaborators and the timeless appeal of natural materials.

Offering a piece of the earth, shaped by human hands and imbued with stories. As we continue to navigate a world where sustainability is as crucial as beauty, Armadillo & Co’s rugs serve as the foundation of a room and its brand; a reflection of the world we hope to live in. 

The interior design philosophy of Forme is deeply respectful of  the principles championed by Armadillo & Co.  In the lounge of the Eclat Bureau workspace quality textiles such as the Armadillo Agra and Andorra rugs the provide a touch of residential design, deploying these designer touches throughout every serviced office, the Parlor work club and our Galerie event venue are but one way we define Eclat beyond the norms of atypical coworking spaces.

These pieces were selected for their soothing, earthy tones and exquisite textures, which bring a residential warmth to this contemporary workspace. The inclusion of these rugs not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the space but also instills a comforting, homelike atmosphere, making it a sanctuary away from home. More than just decorative accents; they’re symbols of craftsmanship, authenticity, and the enduring beauty of Australian design.

"We are committed to creating beautiful, enduring rugs that tell the story of the hands that made them. It's about bringing integrity to every piece."

The production process involves several stages, starting with the selection of premium raw materials. These materials are then hand-spun, dyed using natural dyes, and woven into intricate patterns on traditional looms. The artisans’ expertise ensures that each rug is unique, with subtle variations in colour and texture that add to its charm. It’s this blend of artistry, sustainability, and practicality that makes them a cherished addition to any home; certainly so within Eclat.

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Image Credits | Lilllie Thompson | Armadillo