A chair by Forme Design in an Eclat Bureau office, a coat hangs on the wall.

Forme & Function

Forme logo
A chair by Forme Design in an Eclat Bureau office, a coat hangs on the wall.

An ambitious collaboration elevating Eclat interior design & establishing the luxury workspace.

The workplace of the future requires forward-thinking design that functions in new and exciting ways. Forme enables the unprecedented alignment of furniture design, joinery design and fabrication directly with the interior, architectural, placemaking and property development strategy of Eclat – symbiotically gaining a showroom to represent its furniture to the general public.

Citing the influence of furniture production houses in the early 1920s, Forme is inspired by an era where society was rapidly evolving and the greatest designers weren’t referencing the time they lived in, but designing for the future they saw approaching. Rather than replicating what already exists, Forme rises to the challenge of ushering in brave new concepts and ideas in an effort to redefine accepted design norms. Innovation often relies on merging the old with the new, which is a delicate balance imbued into the Forme interior and furniture design process.

Celebrating variety and geolocation, referencing cultural identity and championing a broad range of styles, languages and influences. Finding an exciting intersection between traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge technological advancement that fosters continuous innovation, to create functional, high-quality designs that have never been seen before.

Leveraging an intimate knowledge of custom furniture and working to the specific needs of a client – taking into account not only the furniture use, but also its user – Through a combination of organic, instinct-based design and computer programming to polish and perfect each piece.

Forme factory where handcrafted designer furniture is produced
Interior design elements used in Eclat Hawthorn East

The Hawthorn collection represented at Eclat is neither home nor office, but something both in between and entirely different. It champions the functionality, modularity, ergonomics and durability demanded by the office; utilising materials, a design language and aesthetic considerations of the home.

In developing the Eclat design language, it became clear that existing commercial office furniture simply couldn’t provide the functionality and aesthetic value we desired.”

Forme Hawthorn Collection

“Our production and design capabilities were developed from the ground up, to deliver quality outcomes efficiently at scale. Created in parallel with the broader family of brand, graphic design and digital I.P. Delivering luxury furniture in quantities otherwise not possible within the typical constraints of mainstream flexible workspace design and construction.”

The brain-child of Eclat founder, real estate and tech entrepreneur Jesse Hayes, and Mark Miller; an established industrial designer currently being showcased by Stylecraft who has worked with some of Melbournes leading designers on many residential joinery projects as well as contributing works to renowned Melbourne hospitality establishments such as Lune, Hazel, Dessous, Kisume, Rock Sugar and Woodsyard among others. This ambitious collaboration has allowed Eclat properties and venues to elevate its interior design and production capability to ambitious new heights.

Forme desk located at Eclat coworking space shown with Humanscale chair and Hawthorn in the background
A Forme timber chair and marble plinth with lamp located in Bureau flexible workspace

Forme enables the imaginations & capabilities of interior designers and property developers delivering future instances of Eclat with custom furniture collections, modular ceiling resolutions, feature pieces and bespoke joinery to complement their design and construction activities. Supporting endless possibilities for innovation and creativity, elevating design whilst improving efficiency, with each collection having a flavour inspired by the local region and its culture. 

Eclat and Forme aspire to champion a far deeper connection between their patrons and physical space. Providing sculptural furniture and refined interiors, resulting in a tangible benefit to every member, every guest and every customer. Elevating the atypical coworking space to new heights, establishing an entirely new workspace format; and expanding upon it further in the future integrating design specificity with hospitality, accommodation and wellness.

Applying a brand and design led approach, curating every touchpoint both digital and tangible to deliver a resolved, warm, human centric result with every piece of furniture.