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The Art of Contrast: Hem Puffy Lounge Chair


In the whirlwind world of contemporary design, where sophistication meets comfort with the deftness of an artist’s brushstroke, the Faye Toogood Hem Puffy Lounge Chair stands as a beacon of chic innovation, exuding an aura that effortlessly marries the whimsical with the pragmatic. Vogue’s discerning eye turns to this emblematic piece, capturing its essence with fervor and finesse.

Faye Toogood, renowned for her boundless creativity that stretches across fashion, interiors, and furniture, has once again delivered a design that speaks to the depths of modern taste while invoking an undeniable nostalgia. The Hem Puffy Lounge Chair is a symphony of contrasts, where the structure and materiality intertwine like dancers in a pas de deux. One can’t help but be drawn into its enveloping embrace, a cocoon that beckons with its sumptuous appeal.

Faye Toogood Hem Puffy Lounge Chair in the Eclat Bureau office lounge

Fay’s inspiration for the Puffy Chair came from her love of contrasts and the beauty she found in the unexpected. Walking through London’s eclectic neighborhoods, she observed the harmonious blend of old and new, the interplay of textures and forms. From the industrial chic of Shoreditch to the stately elegance of Kensington, Fay sought to capture this diverse spirit in her design.

One rainy afternoon, as she strolled through the bustling streets, Fay noticed the comfort people found in the small, cozy nooks of cafes and bookshops. This observation sparked the idea of creating a chair that would offer a similar sense of refuge and comfort, a place where one could unwind and find solace amid the chaos of everyday life. She envisioned a chair with exaggerated, inviting forms that would envelop the user in comfort. Her sketches featured soft, rounded shapes, reminiscent of clouds, combined with a sturdy, minimalist frame that echoed the clean lines of contemporary design.

Offering a sense of refuge and comfort, a place where one could unwind and find solace amid the chaos of everyday life.

The Hem Puffy Lounge Chair is a breath of fresh air, a playful yet serious exploration of how form and function coexist in the modern age. The seamless, effortless aesthetic of the chair means it’s as at home in an upscale penthouse overlooking Manhattan as it is in a studio nestled in the creative heart of Berlin, or in the lounge of Eclat  curated coworking spaces in Melbourne. This versatility speaks to the universality of Toogood’s vision, where each piece carries an intimate understanding of its place in the personal worlds of those who inhabit them.

Sitting upon it is an exercise in surrendering to the sublime, as the cushioned upholstery moulds itself around you like a lover’s embrace. It’s a haven, inviting one to sink into moments of contemplation, inspiration, or simply the bliss of doing nothing. The frame’s simplicity belies its sophistication, ensuring both durability and a graceful silhouette that accentuates the plushness of its cushions. This dynamic tension between the soft and the structured makes the chair a delightful paradox, a piece that marries whimsy with practicality.

The piece pays homage to Toogood’s deep understanding of craftsmanship, a theme woven through her varied design oeuvre. Its intricate quilting and careful upholstery, combined with the engineered frame, are testament to the brand’s dedication to quality. Hem’s collaboration with Toogood brings together a design sensibility that is both avant-garde and accessible, making this chair not just a piece of furniture but a cultural artifact that tells a story of collaboration, imagination, and a deep respect for the craftsmanship that underpins it.

So, as we curl up in this design marvel, we can’t help but reflect on how it embodies the ethos of contemporary living: the way it artfully merges the bold with the familiar, the structured with the fluid, the utilitarian with the poetic. Faye Toogood’s Hem Puffy Lounge Chair, with its playful lines and enveloping embrace, captures our longing for both comfort and sophistication. A testament to the power of collaboration, where artistry and craftsmanship converge to create a timeless piece that will undoubtedly shape conversations in the design world for years to come.

The Fay Toogood Puffy Lounge Chair is celebrated for its unique blend of comfort, style, and craftsmanship.

Eclat takes pride in showcasing the Faye Toogood Hem Puffy Lounge Chair within Bureau curated luxury workspaces, where innovation meets style in every corner. Here, the chair’s sophisticated design and playful spirit align perfectly with the ethos of Eclat, offering an inviting sanctuary for creativity and collaboration. In these thoughtfully curated environments, the Hem Puffy Lounge Chair stands as a testament to Toogood’s visionary artistry, providing an inspiring, stylish, and comfortable retreat for those who recognize and value the intricate blend of form and function in contemporary design.

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Image Credits | Lilllie Thompson | Toogood