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To be brilliant

Neither home nor office, but something both in between and entirely different. Redefining the coworking experience, Eclat presents a unique contemporary and luxury workspace that speaks to the brilliance of our members through a culture of creativity, commerce and connection.

Service meets style with uniquely curated, members-only premium workspaces that seamlessly blend design led amenities, custom furniture, and bespoke private offices with first-class service. A distinctive blueprint across three hubs – Bureau, Parlor & Galerie. Beyond coworking, delivering quality of work-life balance and evolving the shared working space.

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Curated Workspaces

With the most discerning professionals, thought leaders, creatives and innovators in mind. Private shared working space, hospitality infused meeting rooms and flexible workspaces of unrivalled design & technology. Redefining the coworking experience, tailored specifically to our members’ needs.

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Members Work Club

Heightening the work life of our brilliant members. A full-service bar, restaurant and café offering superior hospitality, provisioning meeting rooms, recording studios and flexible workspaces. Attended by meticulous concierge staff, facilitating your professional needs and lifestyle.

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Event Venue

An expansive and simultaneously intimate event venue working cohesively with Parlor. For creating conversations, building connections and fostering unique functions. Our chefs, award-winning event curator, sommeliers and attentive staff creating memorable experiences.

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An editorial lens on the Eclat way of being. Articles that present an informed dialogue between the past, the present and the future. Showcasing the elements that influence our reality, inspire us and ultimately connect us. Shining light on the brilliance of Eclat and our members.




Flexible Membership

From $375pcm Excl GST

Your quintessential passport to Eclat, setting the stage for a new way to work. Enabling access to our beautifully designed amenities, events, programs, concierge services and our economy of brilliant members. Experience how we elevate the atypical flexible office to new heights.


Private Office Suite

From $1945pcm Excl GST

Your private architecturally designed office suite enabling you and your team to be their most productive. Elevating beyond the long accepted norms of coworking, flexible workspaces and serviced offices to establish a definitive new standard of luxury, service and design.


Group Membership

Pricing on application

Enable your broader team with access to Parlor and Galerie, a hospitality focussed corporate solution to uplift your meetings, deliver tangible benefit to your staff and to celebrate your clients and partners. Our member-led membership tailoring your experience to support your professional objectives.


Media Membership

From $166pcm Excl GST

Comprised of podcast studio access and production support to drive forward your multimedia and promotional ambitions. Invite your guests to attend a recording session, our Eclat staff curating their experience with hotel style arrival, full-service bar access and table service. 


Galerie logo

Where Eclat creates conversations, builds connections and fosters unique functions for our members. Whether you’re hosting a corporate gathering, social event, or private dinner, we offer a beautiful, versatile space that can accommodate groups of all sizes. Our state-of-the-art venue includes a full-service bar, customisable catering options, and best-in-class audio-visual equipment.

Penfolds Masterclass

Indulge your palate and embark on a sensory journey through the world of fine wines at our Penfolds Masterclass, an exclusive wine tasting for our wine lover members at Eclat Hawthorn East. 

In Conversation

What does it take to build a business from the ground up? Join Gemma Watts, Neredah Mcintosh, Karla Dawes and Emma Forrest as we explore their business innovations  

Pizzini Wine Tasting

Based in Victoria’s King Valley, Pizzini are makers of some of Australia’s best wines. Join Carlo and Fred Pizzini, an evening of tasting, learning and convivial conversation. 

In Conversation

Calling all footy enthusiasts. An event tailor-made for those who live and breathe the thrill of the game. Join Aaron Hamill, Steele Sidebottom, Paul Connors and Nick Maxwell. 


Eclat APP & Eclat Order

A digital concierge to manage every aspect of your Eclat experience. Innovatively integrating digital food and beverage ordering systems, enabling room service to meeting rooms and curating your day to day. Bringing true hospitality service to the serviced office, infused at a fundamental level.

High Design - By FORME

Introducing FORME – The Eclat interior and furniture design studio. As the way we work, live and play changes, new norms demand a new approach to the future of the office. Applying a brand and design led approach, curating every touchpoint both digital and tangible to deliver the warmth, human centric and memorable experience we all know and love from a great hotel and restaurant experience. Neither home nor office, but something both in between and entirely different, a contemporary approach to work, disrupting and redefining Melbourne coworking, recreating the office as you know it.



Situated in the thriving locale of Camberwell Junction in the architecturally designed CV Building, the ideal environment for our first location. Sitting within one of Melbourne’s most desirable suburbs, placing our members a stone’s throw away from a lively and connected hub of cafes, bars, retail and restaurants. 

Access greater Melbourne with ease thanks to a multitude of major roads and public transport stops on the building’s doorstep. 7km from Melbourne CBD, work where you live, trading the commute for quality of life.


At Eclat the lines between work and play blur. The workplace of tomorrow should benefit your life in every respect. We invite you to join our curated world and discover a workspace like no other.

What is coworking and why is it changing?

Coworking is a revolutionary approach to the modern workspace, designed to bring together professionals from diverse companies under one roof. It’s a dynamic environment where collaboration, innovation, and productivity thrive, offering a seamless blend of functionality and flexibility to meet the needs of today’s workforce.

Our world today is very different from the one that we lived in before the pandemic, and the lives we lead are different in many ways too. For many people, the pandemic was a catalyst for upheaval and change, altering not simply their habits, but also bringing into focus their values and priorities. What is abundantly clear now though, is that people are searching for more meaning and connection in all the areas of their life than ever before – and this extends to work, too.

The nature of work has transformed as well. Éclat recognised these changes and used them to enhance coworking spaces, redefining the coworking experience in Melbourne.

Our rethinking of the 21st-century office was conceived a decade prior, emerging only recently in the marketplace as a response to the pandemic era, long acknowledging that times would inevitably change along with the workforce and their expectations of service providers.

Our approach to design, technology, furniture and branding is key to elevate our physical spaces, but in reality, they’re a part of our greater objective of redefining people’s relationship with the office itself, by creating multifaceted lifestyle-oriented destinations that offer a more beneficial and integrated experience for the end user.

Eclat represents not a place or a thing, but rather a lifestyle; defined by the brilliance of our members and our business as a whole. Whereas the sub brands are descriptive of their functions and their specific offerings. This concept is embodied in Eclat’s initial sub-brands: BUREAU (a unique shared workspace), PARLOR (a hospitality work club), GALERIE (an event venue), NOTED (an editorial platform), and FORME (an interior design and furniture design studio).

As the way we work, live and play changes with the world around us, new norms demand a bold approach to the future of office spaces. Eclat strives to onboard all supportive elements typically surrounding the traditional office into a seamless operation; an end-to-end experience unified by brand and design led discipline across all touchpoints; digital, hospitality, event, wellness, accommodation and facilities management.

The Eclat APP represents a truly integrated digital experience. Its UI/UX aligned with the greater family of Eclat brands, driving the objectives of the business, supporting day to day operations and enabling their vision of a radically different approach to coworking spaces. Design and hospitality are at the core of this development showcasing the unique Eclat offering and highlighting an exciting future of multifaceted lifestyle oriented destinations that offer a more beneficial and rewarding experience for the end user. – LEARN MORE ABOUT THE ECLAT APP

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