Eclat leverages advanced technology to deliver a seamless and premium experience to its members. At the core of our service offering is our exclusive app, which embodies Eclat’s unwavering commitment to innovation. With a simple tap, members can effortlessly manage their office space, connect with the vibrant Eclat community, and access a wide range of services like booking meeting rooms or ordering food.

Moreover, they benefit from automatically generated insights that drive productivity to new heights, both financially and performance-wise. Our industry-leading app also grants members access to expert advice, personalized recommendations on the finest venues and activities in their city, and exclusive features like local service discounts.
The user-friendly interface and extensive features of our app truly encapsulate the essence of the Eclat lifestyle.

A one-of-a-kind workspace needs one-of-a-kind technology. To make the Eclat member experience as seamless as possible, we built our integrated technology from the ground up.


Working with the master innovators at EXO Digital, we’ve designed the Eclat App – a one-stop hub designed to offer well-rounded, end-to-end support for our members. This on-the-go offering melds intuitively with in-person services to provide a productive and stress-free experience.

We’ve mapped out every aspect of the member journey at Eclat, anticipating our members’ needs and employing innovative, customisable technology to fulfil them. Using just one app, members can access the secure building, office spaces and elevators, contact the concierge, book meeting rooms, make reservations at Parlor, invite guests to meetings, order catering, connect with fellow Bureau members, view invoices and more.

This holistic, customised approach ensures our technology always has room to grow, making it scalable across all future Eclat opportunities. It also allows us to be responsive to our evolving needs, making sure the systems that are designed for our members always work with them, not against them.